David C. McCoy, Ceramic Sculpturecolor bars





  My ceramic sculptures are created in an intuitive journey from formlessness to sculptural form. Clay has great versatility but no inherent shape, a kind of primordial muck. A tool, the extruder, organizes chaos and imposes an initial impetus; tubes, square tubes, rods and other linear shapes are made. These building blocks are coaxed together while still soft and pliant tender beginnings propped, slung, braced. As the sculpture grows ideas and form become more definite. Relationships are created, edited, altered, refined. Balance is an essential component. Arms, newly confident, extend into space; legs take up their supportive role; cocooning forms nestle together. The sculpture is almost complete. The first firing dramatically punctuates the process, permanently transforming the sculpture into a rock-hard state. For the final firing thin washes of subtle color accentuate the marks on the surface, creating a final episode in the journey.